October Road-Pastor J

Hey, remember when 2016 started and you claimed that it would be "your year?" Yea, me too, and what happened? Well, welcome to October, there are only three months left in the year, and Christmas is like 80-something days away. Sorry to burst your bubble. 

In all honesty, every time this season rolls around, we start making all of these plans for this, and plans for the. But, and I mean but, every plan we have ever had has either been blessed by God, or twisted and gnarled, wrapped and destroyed by the devil. 

So how do we ensure that we can involve God? First step will be very difficult  but, involve God. Interestingly enough when we try and "pull ourselves up by the bootstraps" (insert nay cliche here) we mostly fail. Have you prayed to God for clarity about 2017? Have you involved the Lord in your decision making processes about anything at all? 

David implored the Lord to "...search me, and know my heart..." I pray that we start having the same mentality.