March Blog

I recently noticed a startling correlation. The first words of the entire Bible, God’s word to all of mankind for all of eternity are three simple, yet remarkable words: In the beginning. Not necessarily the attention-grabber your college professor implores you to craft for the opening of your essay or thesis paper.


Similarly, the apostle John, who most scholars believe spent more time with Jesus than any other of the disciples begins his gospel with the same words: In the beginning. Once again, this might not be the way you want to go if you are trying to convert your readers into believing that Jesus Christ the Son of the living God, came into this world to save all of mankind for all eternity.


And in John’s first letter, he starts it off with words that are not too far off from the two verses we just examined: That which was from the beginning.


It all starts with Jesus. It all ends with Jesus. It is all about Jesus. Our lives, our relationships, our struggles, our love, our passion, and ultimately our eternity, starts with Jesus.